Welcome to Community Nursery Kindergarten
Welcome to Community Nursery Kindergarten

What our families say about us

We have operating for over 60 years. We have wonderful families that have attended CNK and now thier children attend. Here is what our families and alumni have to say about us.

"CNK has become more than just a preschool to me and my family. It essentially has been exactly what my daughter then my son needed to begin their road to loving education. The teachers understand the wants of all the students and provide exactly what is needed for their students to thrive; they are creative and bring fun and imagination to the materials that are taught. Above all this, they love their jobs and show that love to their students and because of this, my kids have had the best possible education and experience at CNK Preschool!"

"CNK is an amazing preschool. I went to CNK as a child and now 30 years later it is the only preschool I would send my children to. I have 3 children - all who have (or currently) attend CNK. My daughter and son are now in elementary school and CNK provided an amazing start to thier schooling. Both my children were more than prepared for kindergarten. They went to Kindergarten knowing sight words, letter sounds and having a wonderful foundation that enabled them to become some of the higher readers in their classes. Their teachers remarked that they knew they went to CNK due to their preparedness and academic foundation. The activities my children have done at CNK are always unqiue and creative. With 3 children all attending the same school with similar teachers you would expect to see repeated lessons and activities, but that is never the case - they are always adapting or adding on to their themes and units. The curriculum is hands-on appropriate and engaging. My child LOVES to attend school and comes home telling all these wonderful facts about dinosaurs, ocean animals, the rainforest, Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and more. You can't get a better nursery and preschool than CNK. The staff love what they do and the children they work with. My children have thrived because of CNK and their amazing staff and curriculum."


Enrolling Now!


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CNK Upgrades Playground - Soft Turf!

Thank You Ms. Jean for a wonderful 60Th Year of CNK celebration party!


M-F from 12:15 till 3:15

ALL Student Levels are welcome

EVEN on days when they are not in school

Parents can utilize this around personal appointments, etc.

Gets Pre-K level Students Ready for full day KG

***CNK has spots open for registration. 

Contact Mrs. Holland for additional information: 781-294-1654

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